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It’s time to try something new! If you love hamburgers and chicken strips, you’re going to love these Indian cuisine equivalents. We recommend the following dishes from the menu for canidian food lovers:

  • If you like chicken nuggets, you’ll love our chicken pakora. This is the Indian equivalent of your favorite restaurant-style chicken strips/poppers. We coat pieces of chicken with tikka masala paste, then coat with garbanzo batter and deep fry. They’re great for dipping and sharing.
  • If you like fish ‘n chips, you’ll love our fish pakora. Just like the chicken version, this is cubes of cod coated with garbanzo batter and fried just like your favorite fish ‘n chips.
  • If you like garlic bread, you’ll love garlic naan. This warm, gooey Indian bread is guaranteed to have you hooked if you’re a bread lover. Get your naan stuffed, seasoned, or plain to use for wrapping, dipping, or eating on its own.
  • If you like cheese curds, you’ll love mutter paneer. It’s homemade cheese cooked with green peas and curry sauce. Cheese lovers will love this dish!
  • If you like pot pies, you’ll love samosas. A samosa is basically a handheld potpie, filled with a variety of delicious fillers including potatoes, peas, spices and vegetables served with chutneys for dipping.
  • If you like kabobs, you’ll love tandoori. The Indian tandoori oven provides a technique of cooking that creates similar flavors to barbequing, but cooks from 360 degrees in a clay oven rather than one side at a time. Meats and vegetables are cooked kabob-style then served with rice, sauces and Indian spices. We have chicken, prawn, lamb, vegetable, and mixed tandoori specials.
  • If you like cheesecake, you’ll love ras maliai. Also known as “cheesecake without the crust,” this Indian dessert is made with our homemade cheese and simmering milk cream, flavored with spices.

Come try India Gate Restaurant to try our versions of your favorite American foods!


We offer our delicious Indian lunch buffet Monday - Saturday: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

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